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Argonne/IBM Open Source DCMF Project

The DCMF source code is an Open Source project using the IBM CPL.
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Git info
Learn about our repository control tool of choice, "git".
Mailing lists:
Email list | list info

Developer Resources

Get the source
Information about becoming a contributor
If you want to contribute, there are a few simple steps to before you send in your patches
Best Practices
A project runs more smoothly if everyone has similar coding styles. These are a few things we try to cover in our code.
Building DCMF for Linux
How to build DCMF (and MPICH, etc) to run on a Linux platform using sockets to communicate.


These are updated daily from the latest source code.

Resource Documentation Other
DCMF API Doxygen Parsing errors
Messaging framework Doxygen Parsing errors
Collective framework Doxygen Parsing errors
MPICH2 dcmfd device Doxygen Parsing errors
MPICH2 Manual pages


Libraries using DCMF

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